Replica Gucci May Be More Than You Bargained For:


Beyond getting a much poorer quality handbag, there are several serious reasons why you should stay away from counterfeiters and the knock off Gucci bags they sell:

  1. Counterfeiters often engage in numerous illegal activities to fund their replica Gucci bag production. More often than not, they partake in identity theft, child labor, money laundering, and tax evasion.
  2. Once you give a counterfeiter your personal information, can you be sure they won't abuse it? Many buyers of counterfeit Gucci bags fall victim to fraud and identity theft and once that happens, it could take months or even years to undo the damage.
  3. To make as much profit as they can, counterfeiters skimp on every step of the customer service process. Many people who order fake Gucci bags never receive their paid goods, or receive the wrong order. Complaints to counterfeiters are usually ignored or impossible to make as they almost never post their real information on their websites.
  4. When you buy a real Gucci handbag, with normal wear, you can expect it to last for many great years. Even when you first receive your fake Gucci bag, you and others will notice obvious flaws in the fabric, design, sewing and handles. Knock off Gucci bags almost never stay in wearable condition for long and they require much more maintenance and care to just make them useable.