Counterfeit Gucci: Worth The Risk?


To avoid the risks and consequences commonly associated with buying a counterfeit Gucci handbag, use these simple tips to protect yourself:

  1. Only buy Gucci products from authorized Gucci sellers. A good place to start is at Gucci's official website. On you will find only authentic Gucci products, made to the Gucci standard the world knows and respects. also lists authorized selling boutiques in your area, so you know you will be buying the real thing and never a replica Gucci bag.
  2. Trust your buying instincts. If the price listed seems too good to be true, it probably is. Prepare yourself for heartache and grief once you lay eyes on and try out your fake Gucci handbag. Not only will the quality likely be severely off, the color, texture, sewing patterns and even the scent of the fabric may be off and displeasing. A great price may be alluring, but when you receive your replica Gucci handbag, you will be painfully aware that it is not even be worth the cheap price.
  3. Spread the word on counterfeiters and boycott their dishonest work and product. Counterfeiters use unlawful production and distribution methods to generate their illegal counterfeit Gucci bags. Stand on the right side of the law and boycott their websites and fake Gucci handbags. Warn others about the deceptive websites and products counterfeiters advertise and reject their replica Gucci bags.

Once you are taken advantage of by counterfeiters and their knock off Gucci bags, there is almost nothing you can do to get your money back. International laws usually do not protect the consumer when it comes to counterfeiting so you can expect little or no help or cooperation from international sources. The only way to protect your personal information and receive first class service is to buy directly from Gucci boutiques or online at Gucci's official website.

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