Fake Gucci Bags: Bargain Or Bust?


Are you really getting a good deal when you buy fake Gucci bags? Counterfeiters want you to believe that you are getting a great knock off Gucci bag for a great deal. Some counterfeiters even claim that their Gucci handbags are 100% real and the lower prices reflect a 'wholesale' price. Should you believe what counterfeiters post on their websites?

Fake Gucci handbags are often produced by small, international shops not connected to the authentic Gucci brand in any way. In some cases, counterfeiters will take a plain, cheap purse and loosely glue or sew or pin a fake Gucci emblem on it and pass it off as a Gucci handbag. Counterfeiters routinely take copyrighted pictures of authentic Gucci goods and portray them as the goods you will supposedly get if you order from their website. Counterfeiters use bogus '7 star' and 'AAA replica' rating scales for their replica Gucci bags to trick customers into believing their fake Gucci handbags are just as good as the real thing.

Many counterfeiters claim their counterfeit Gucci bags are actually real Gucci goods, and the reason the prices are so cheap is because they work 'directly with Gucci warehouses' for the best deals. Do not be fooled by these lies. Authentic Gucci goods are never produced or stored in warehouses and are only sold at Gucci approved boutiques and department stores. It is useless to trust a seller of fake Gucci bags.

If counterfeiters do not practice and use the same production methods and high-quality fabrics and materials as Gucci, can you trust that their replica Gucci bags will even look like, not to mention feel and work like, real Gucci goods? If counterfeiters steal copyrighted pictures to use as their own, can you trust that you will get what you paid for? If counterfeiters advertise such a low price, will the knock off Gucci bag you receive reflect that lower price? Unfortunately, if you buy a replica Gucci bag, facts point to the chance that you will get an obviously cheap and fake Gucci bag that will not even be worth the low price you paid.

To sum up:
  1. 7 star and AAA ratings and words like ‘mirror image’ or ‘identical’ are all synonyms for counterfeit Gucci. You can buy authentic Gucci only from authorized Gucci showrooms and Gucci official website – you’ll find the list of authorized showrooms in the official website.
  2. You will get used Gucci handbags in auction sites. That you may end up with cheap Gucci is always a risk, when you don’t actually know the source.
  3. Don’t be carried away by pictures posted on fake Gucci websites. They are probably copies of pictures on the official website. Gucci clearance sales – there is no such thing. This is just another one of the tricks counterfeit Gucci manufacturers use to fool you into believing they are authentic.
  4. There are no Gucci wholesale shops or ware houses either. If you come across any websites that claim to have a large number of pieces of the same model of Gucci handbags or bags, beware.